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Calderdale Council Local Plan Consultation

Calderdale Council has started consulting on the new ‘Local Plan’ for Calderdale. At this stage the Council is just consulting on the Core Strategy of the plan. Therefore it does not allocate any specific sites for development or indicate what land will be taken out of the Green Belt for this purpose. These issues will be dealt with in a separate Land Allocations and Designations planning document (part 2 of the Local Plan), the initial draft of which is intended to be published in or about Spring 2013 and will then be the subject of public consultation before the final draft of the document.

Warley Community Association has been tracking the Council’s work in this area and will continue to do so as the Local Plan is developed. Throughout that process we will collate any relevant information which is pertinent to Warley and keep residents updated via this website and the Warley Lantern newsletter. At this stage, however, we would also strongly advise residents to also keep abreast of developments for themselves and use the Council’s consultation portal to pass comments as this can influence the development of the Local Plan for the whole of Calderdale.

For more information on the Local Plan, click here.