Warley Museum is a Hidden Gem in Yorkshire

Hidden Gems in Yorkshire

Smallest Gem – Warley Museum

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Image 1 – Matthew Reardon; image 2&3 – Eliana Bailey

This hidden gem in Warley Town, a historic village near Halifax, is not what it appears to be at first glance… What may look like a humble red telephone box is, in fact, a museum – possibly the smallest museum in the world.

In the spring of 2016, the Warley Community Association adopted this disused BT phone box and, after a vote, transformed it into a unique museum dedicated to the village and its history.

Museum curators, local artists Paul and Chris Czainski, have designed an information backboard detailing the ‘Notables of Warley Parish’ and created absolutely beautiful etchings depicting scenes of local history on the phone box’s glass panels. A wonderful mosaic floor is also soon to laid down, made from fragmented pottery finds from gardens in the village.

Every few months, residents donate artefacts from Warley’s past so that locals and visitors alike can drop in and engage with the village’s fascinating past in an intimate, personalised space.

We absolutely love the ethos behind this small but mighty museum!

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