Last Trade Route Re-opened!

Despite previous reports nearly 3 weeks ago of besieged Warley being liberated from the Siberian snows, we have to report that this was, in fact, far from the truth!  Our intrepid reporter from the infamous ‘North Wall of Warley’ (aka the beleaguered outpost of Edgeholme Lane) has sent in this tear jerking picture of astonishing fortitude and bravery as the final breakthrough was made just today!

CRW_3193 (1)Two intrepid lads took their lives into their hands by venturing down the lane (as they would have in any weather as it happens!) only to be confronted by the still blocked road.  Unfortunately their clutch was not man enough to reverse them back up the hill (now there’s a surprise!) but undeterred, and spades to the fore, they battled through and so re-opened the last trade route into the village.  It makes you proud to be British!


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